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Suddenly her heart stopped, next to him was her pack destroyer, the black demon that fell from the sky and cutted LJ head off. He was responsable.

Star's heart sunk in her chest, the man of her waking nightmares was standing before her.
Her mind raced in that split-second that she recognized him, HE WAS THE ONE WHO KILLED HER BEST FRIEND! 
" YOU!!"
She hissed bearing her fangs.

And in that moment she wanted to draw upon the power of Beasts to slay this man, but she did not know how.  Even if she could, her father was here and she couldn't endanger him by letting loose the monster inside her, she was more disciplined than that.

Her mind continued to race as Anger was replaced with fear. Why was he here? Did he come for her?
 Death follows this man, you can smell it on him.
 If HE was here, her father and herself clearly had to be in danger. <Maybe he seeks to kill us both because of what happened last night! That has to be it! A morgue is a great place to hide some bodies...>

Her mind was filled with all sorts of possibilities and none of them ending well for ether her or her father.
Last night had been a disaster and clearly this man was here to carry out some sort of punishment or worse a death sentence.
Star was not about to let this monster hurt her or her family. She had already lost so much to him already.
She knew she wasn't a match for him in a fight, he killed Little John and he was 10 times the vampiric warror she was. 
No she had to stop this fight before it started. 

Star locked eyes with this monster and dove deep within herself to pull upon the instincts of the blood of Clan Venture. The Clan that she didn't even know that she was part of, but it was very much a part of her in every facet of her very being. 
She pulled upon the power, the commanding Authority that she had pulled up on before when sparring with her father. Only this time it was not in fun, this time it was not a game. It was life or death!
And in that brief moment, no matter how short it was, she resembled a Lord .
" RUN away!!!

Her eyes remained fiercely locked  with the monster's eyes, and her voice was authoritative and unshakable.

Here is some interesting suggestions on how this might play out. Feel free to pick from them or choose not to use them at all.

1) The Command doesn't work, woomp- woomp! and the build up drama of the scene is wasted. :sad:
I actually tryed to play this scene out like how a Ventrue would. Fighting is not always the right option even if it might resemble the most logical choice.

2) The Command does work, though only briefly.
 Haquim ether runs in place for a moment, and both Star and her father have a WTF moment, proving to Star that she is infact using some kind of vampiric power....

3)...  The command Works and Haquim runs out of the room only to of course return a few seconds later, maybe slightly annoyed. Became let's face it, anybody who does not know how to properly use that power has made that mistake. LoL never command someone to simply "run". It can turn rather embarrassing. 

Ether way, Haquim most likely would know that she was using Dominate by feeling the effects of the power being used (or atleast trying to be used) on him. A key discipline of Clan Ventrue He might assume that she is indeed a Venture. 

Maybe Haquim is like "how dare you try to Dominate me!!" yada-yah you fill in the blanks, I don't know what the character would say... 
Maybe Haquim has knowledge of the Ventrues being that he works so closely to the Prince... 
I don't know... These are just some thoughts on an Avenue to take too help figure out what Clan she is.

Of course if Haquim called her a Ventrue Star might actually take that as an insult until she realized he was serious and not trying to piss her off.

I don't know... Just some thoughts. We were looking for a way to try to figure out if she was a venture crew without the help of a Tremere. This might be the opportunity we were looking for.
You are the ST and you are free to reply any way you wish. Just thought I would add in my $0.02

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Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:22 pm

Star wrapped her arm around the poor bastard as she drank deeply. 
As her skin became warm and her heart started to beat on its own again, this was something she was not used to. Being that for a majority of her time as a vampire she never tried to pass us human very often.
Viewing things like the expenditure of Vitea for the use of blending in to be a waste of blood. After all the Sabbath reval in their vampiric nature.

Star closed her eyes as the pleasant sensation started to flow through her. She liked this alot, the Sensations , the tantalizing taste and texture of the blood and even the smell was pleasant for her.

<Yes... Mmmmm.. this is what blood it is supposed to be like.... Mmmm ♡ good.. Some something must have been wrong with the other man!> she thought as she deeply enjoyed her meal, even her inner beast seemed pleased by this prey.

As she drank she used the new vitea to heal herself fully, and continued to drink to fill up. 

Star never bothered to count the heartbeats of her prey. In the Sabbat it was something that you simply did not do, for the most part. Her prey's rapid heartbeat only added to the exhilaration that she was feeling as she drank. And she did drink deeply, trying to simulate the sensation of diablery.
She wondered if she would get that same rush that she craved like a forbidden drug from this man.

She was almost expecting the rush of memories and feeling of her prey to over whelmed her ... But no such feeling came as the man's body grew cold and he sliped from this world. She was disapointed. The sinsations she felt we're definitely different, way different from feeding off of vampires, event the one she Diablerized. Though drinking this human was nothing like the exhilarating feeling she got from drinking his soul.

She pulled back slightly disappointed, but feeling good about the feed. 
" that was definitely better than expected.... there must have been something wrong with the other one."
She said licking her lips and wiping her face clean with her hand

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