[act7] (Spoiler) Camarilla in action (Read-only)

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[act7] (Spoiler) Camarilla in action (Read-only) Empty [act7] (Spoiler) Camarilla in action (Read-only)

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(Spoiler) Camarilla in action (Read-only)
Brian was running down the street when the car suddenly exploded, at that point he knew something had gone side ways. He changed directions keening his ear to take more hints and seconds later a full burst from a machine gun blasted the unliving carcass of her daughter. He could not believe his eyes, need to take a second to quell the beast urges to destroy everyone and everything.

When the gang started shooting the Gangrel was not far away, he could see the action and the escape route, something he won't easily forget but now as the police got closed there was more important things at hand. He ran to the nearest pay phone to find it was vandalized month ago and then went to his second guess, breaking in a near by business which alarm was already firing due to the close by explosion.

A phone rang in the Zoo, a ghoul listened carefully to the Ancillae explaination and took note of the instructions. Then he called again, this time to a good friend in the newspapers to call him in for the breaking news that just happened.

As he got out to the streets to see the familiar standard procedure for these kind of cases: yellow tape, no questions allowed, keeping people away and alot of photographs. He stood by until his friend Brigitte Havenport and red pages reporter got to the scene, at distance she recognized the Gangrel and wiggle at him. Meanwhile, the forensic team got to the scene almost at the same time than the Forensic Center personel.

[act7] (Spoiler) Camarilla in action (Read-only) Crime-scene

There was a big difference in criteria the foresic claiming it was their case, just another gang war but the FCSC team flashing an official paper saying otherwise. Phone calls were made and eventually The Bronx foresic went home as this was declared an "Special Case". The FCSC took first Rebecca's body and place it in a plastic bag, throwing it at the back of a van, while they started to do actual foresic work with the rest of the scene.

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