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After seeing the look in her father's eyes she had almost wish it was the cops.
She sighed and walked with him back to the Ally.

What are the rules Rebecca? //
What would have happended if he had friends? ."

"  I know... Rule one... control the situation, rule two never let your intentions be seen, and rules three clean up your mess..."
She said softly

" i actually thought i handled it a bet better then i normally would have..... To be honest.
I wanted to hurt him... Badly.. But I remembered that's not how things are done on this side of the tracks...

What would have happened if I actually had a physacal altercation with him?...
I could grip that fu*kers nuts so hard I could make them pop! I would truly give that jack-ass something to be scared of. 
But nope.. Im playing nice-nice with these human scum bags...All I did was tell the scumbag to Leave me alone with a added bit of base In my voice ..

Logically if i hurt him, it would probably lead to him going to the hospital and having a lot of questions that needed to be answered ... which would probably would lead back to me and my physical description running around the police station. Same outcome probably would have happened if I mug somebody and let them back into the alley... I was trying to be smooth...

. . if his friends so-to-speak would have showed up then they would be at fault for the altercation.. you think his friends are going to believe that a unarmed , 5'5, 120 lbs  woman scared him off? I know they're probably going to think that he has been taking his own dope to much... I look harmless, I tryed to give off a air of sex appeal, I guess it worked a little too .much

Star said with a shrug

" contrary to popular belief  i do think about my action before i actually do anything.... Well for the most part... I'm not perfect. I do screw up sometimes... 

I understand that  you should Always assess your target before you make a move.... And I weighed my options. I wasn't about to let him man-handle me unless I get what I want... And he could not provided, he was utterly disgusting.... Worse actually... I'll take a filthy bum over that swag-bag of sh!t any night.

And I of course if things did Escalade i would not engage unless I had to defend myself.... Which I'm pretty sure even as what we are we still have rights...  "
Besides he wasn't exactly taking no for an answer...

She scoffed at the thought of that man touching her.

" If things did get rough I know how to take a hit and "play" the victim until the cops show up or it draws enough attention that they leave.... I'm not going to try to show off what I am... that breaks the illusion of the game I play with humans.  I know You should only show your hand when you know you're going to win. 

I know how to play "human" .... and "how to play dead" ... I also know enough to bleed if i get shot, and not engage with  Mortals unless  I can mask myself as one...... I get Vamp 101.....i just dont got this damn pickiny eating down yet... I'm having to experiment dad... it's not exactly like anyone can just teach me this..... I need to figure this out or I'm not going to last long. 

Star looks very worried about figuring out the right ways to do things.

OOC:.Putting this break in because this reply is damn long LoL... But something's NEED to be said to Brian.. And now is a good time. Sorry again about the super long post.

" I don't expect you to understand everything that I do or the methods that I use.... 
I learned THAT back with Chico... Not even YOU understood why i did things the way i did... You actually thought I cared about him or what happens to him.... I'm sorry dad that is hilarious... To actually think I give a shit about some low-life blood sack.
IF he was a Vampire. .. Yeah maybe... But he was just a human... And a sh!t heel of one to boot!

And YOU of all people scolded me, thinking that I cared??? You thought that i honestly meant the things I said to him... you honestly had no idea what I was attempting to do...did you??  

God no-body understands me!

Star rubs her for head, she just wish for once that somebody actually understood why she does the things in the way that she does.  Using subtlety and and emotionaly manipulative Over brute force. 

"Maybe thats because you are really the only person in my life i can be honest with... But hear me when I say.. I'm a manipulator, I'm a scumbag. I play with humans emotions only to see if i can get them wrap around my little finger!  
i tell them all the pretty little lies that they want to hear. I give them false hope... just like I did the night of my recruitment and I started a revolt with the other humans that were forced to dig the pit. If I was not  for dealing with vampires ... I'm pretty sure I would have got out of there alive.... maybe not so much everybody else... but that's really not my concern. I've don't bad things... And I don't always regret my actions

Its like a GAME I play with mostly with people I think IM better then... , I've done this in life with my Boyfriends and in death with just about any mortal I need to get something from... Its just part of who I am....I mean I'm not a complete ass-hole mind you..

But I sell drugs to people and convince them that I'm the good guy , thar they can trust me.... All the while destroying their lives with the substance I sell them..... yeah I care about them to a point, 
I don't want them to overdose on the cheap knock-off drugs and die so they can't come back to me as a repeat customer... Yeah its selfish and horrible... 
I apologize if it's not pretty...

I haven't honored myself by some of the things that I have done, there for I have not honored you
But i dont sell to people who are not already addicted . I don't sell drugs to kids or anything like that ... I might be a scumbag but i do have morals.... Morale that you taught me.... Though i dont always follow the path you lay before me in a straight line ... I zig-zag.

Daddy If you see me on some horrible person... I understand... But you NEED to see ME dad... Not the face I show people. 

Star was being profoundly honest here.

Star sighed and looked at her father
" Look I don't blame you... but there is a method to my madness ... And I get the job done... it just might not be the expected execution or how I go about doing things. I can't help that... I apologize.

I know the rules.... And I was planning on leaving him back to the alleyway under the guise of "sexual fun".... Almost had that guy too... But nope... My beast has to be super picky! 

Dad... Look.. . I cant hunt like you. I can't just wait for some random guy to give me the opportunity to jump out of the shadows and Bash them in the head... ...

I have to be a bit more clever... I have to be charming, be a good liar... Manipulate the prey into a false sense of security.... You know  Use my strengths to my benefit.... I completly just proved to myself that I can't feed off of just anyone.... 
God damn it! My beast is RACIST! for Christ sake!

She said with a bit of exaggeration to our voice.
" I even took a moment before acting to make damn sure there wasn't anyone around, I didn't show my true self... So the masquerade is fine. I just got him to back off....  "At least I'm one step closer to figuring out what kinda prey I need. 
Star looks a bit frustrated... Though not at her father or even about what happened, it was more about learning how to deal with the Ventrue clan curse
" I just want this to go on record, that this clan wide curse thing about feeding.... It sucks.. Its ridiculous and I have no idea how the Ventrue are not extinct by now... "
She said Crossing her arms and waiting for her father to scold her again on all the things that she's doing wrong

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"I felt the same way about Gabriel Claw of Pain. He was to me what Jezebelle is to you now.
He just made me feel unadquate //
" So that guy scared the hell out of you too huh..... I really don't like Jezebella, She scares the F*ck out of me...

Though thinking back on it....Guess she got her point across... Respect through fear I understand that .. especially coming from the Sabbat....
Humm... She must have understood me more then I understood myself... And in a way I admire her....
Just f*ck... Don't tell her I said that... Ok? ."

Star said softly as she looks back on the situation with a different perspective...

// I found strength in that and I fought back to earn the Clan respect."
Star tilted her head in question
"Earning Respect  for your Clan?... Not just yourself?...That's a big deal huh?
Doubt very much i'll ever do that with the Ventrue... not unless I suddenly become some Big Wall Street Tycoon earning billions of dollars on the stock market ... ha ha ha."

Star said with a laugh
"I'm a  scum-bag drug dealer, and I probably after my choice of hunting style have earned me a few other titles on the street... Ha ha ha
I'm Nothing Clan Ventrue will find glorifying that's damn sure.

Star shook her head and laughed.

Star listened to her father explaine the things he knew about what was going on In the city and the threats they have found we're only the tip of the iceberg.
"Jezzuz...god.. That ain't good.
If Xavier that justicar guy got messed up to that degree... It makes you wonder what the hell he ran into.."

She said with some surprise.

" All the things that happened in the sewers, you think that it could be leading to something bigger?... As well as the werewolves moving their territory to take over Staten Island.... You think its all related?"
She said giving a pause in thought as she tries to take in the bigger picture and get a new perspective

".... Dad... you said that thing in the sewers was intelligent.... Why was it there?.... It wasn't there before.... if it was the Nosferatu would have known about it long before they fell victim...

Hummm.... Where did it come from..? Why is it here? And for that matter why did the werewolves move their territory?....what drove them from their territory in the first place... I didn't think werewolves would just pick up and leave for no reason... always thought territory was a big deal with them... not that I actually know really anything about them, I'm just making assumptions..... But there might be a possibility that these two incidences are related.
Perhaps something started a chain reaction... If the problem clearly isn't an isolated incident if Xavier that justicar guy is bring news from other areas. "

Star said more so thinking out loud than anything else...

" What about the Nosferatu... How are they holding up? Certainly the whole clan could not have been wiped out in the sewers. Was Lord Astor able to gain any more information on the matter from the Lone Survivor of that incident?  
I would have been interested in hearing what happened.... but um... I was terrified of Jezebel and losing my head.....

I mean all this is completely over my pay grade... I'm just a fledgling,..but I do find it interesting... knowledge is power after all... "

She said knowing that there is absolutely nothing she can do to help in the situation, but she does find it interesting. Kind of like how a human would be interested in world affairs and watch CNN for info on world events.

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