[act 22] Beastial Reckoning (Spoiler)

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[act 22] Beastial Reckoning (Spoiler) Empty [act 22] Beastial Reckoning (Spoiler)

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Jezebelle received Hell Song's message just minutes after she got the order to locate him and bring him back. Suddenly she felt that Primogen Astor was playing her or per haps he has been played. Nevertheless she will bring him back but not as a traitor. <Traitors doesn't call to give up their location and warn about threats to their Clan> at best this was all another scheme of power, at worst he was trying to escape and changed his mind by realizing his clan needed him.

She started to shout orders around, the coding of the message mentioned key words that a Sabbat would use to describe those fanatics. <This is Rebecca's doing> he was trying to hide the meaning of her words from eavedropping that was obvious and she meant that many Sabbat's were on their way. She also was instructed to expect a massive raid of Sabbats and was authorized to use all the force available to make an statement and she will do it.
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