[act 0] The Gangrel Gate (spoiler: read only)

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[act 0] The Gangrel Gate (spoiler: read only) Empty [act 0] The Gangrel Gate (spoiler: read only)

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An electric sound bipping in the background and white light shining over the tens of monitor conected to the system were around the three ghouls sitting around Vladimir, who was standing in the middle of the trailer room. He was looking around talking on his handfree communicator with the operatives around the highway in his daily rutine.

[act 0] The Gangrel Gate (spoiler: read only) Maxresdefault

"Tango 3. Vehicle approaching your position. Report"

The ear piece reproduced the voice of the vampires at the other side of the line.
"Roger, Lair 1. Vehicle confirmed, two male one female on board. Transmiting thermal image."

One of the monitors in place showed four figures two in the backsit other two in the front, all without any body heat. Definetely corpses.
"We have four vampires. One with obsfuscate sitting in the back."

To one of his ghouls sitting in front he said.
"Traffic cameras I want facial recognition."

The man replied two minutes after.
"The two in front: Francis "Dagon" Smith and the driver Jhon "Little" Potter. Known sabbat sympatizers. Involved in the kidnapping of eight people in Southen Tier. Used in their attack to Albany capitol yesterday night, Sir!"

Vladimir took the phone out of his pocket and made a call.
"Lord Bell. We have four sabbat vampires going by Interstate 787. ETA: 1 hour. Awaiting instructions."

Theo bell.
"Track them with the satellite and leave it to me."

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