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[act 2] Interrogation room (Star) Empty [act 2] Interrogation room (Star)

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While in total paralysis her senses were numbed to the point of not distiguishing sounds or light, one from the another but still her conciousness lingered trying to make sense to whatever was happening. At some point the night she remembered was substitute by powerful white light or so she thought. Captured in her mind she might have thought of being moved to a ER like the other vampire was.

She didn't had time to think too much about, the Beast was unsettled. Trying to break out, panic due to its vulnerability and looking for a way out. It was too much for Rebecca to control.

After all we had been throught, surviving the sabbat wasn't easy, she never meant to linger with such monsters. She could still remember the shreds torn apart of that poor bastard soul, devouring his family, destroying everything he had dream or care about, not just in a distant way like any wise sociopath would like she was at it, she was also a part of that man life and she had eaten all that energy to be a part of the Sabbat. The power surge came after, the exillirating sensation of pleasure coming from the Beast and overwhelming Star sense were just a consolation price for the monstruosity of killing her own friends and family in the soul communion she had done with him.

She got time to remember if she ever had that reflection before anything. It was another price for her diablery a reminder of who was getting stronger with each diablery.

Suddenly she felt like a storm struck out, the Beast was unleashed and kicking, the "ride" as Sabbat calls it was so powerful that she didn't even knew what it was doing. Who it was killing? Destroying? Like looking at the world through a red wine glass she started to see. The beast was tied to a steel chair, she was... with some sort of cage around her head for prevent her from biting herself or something else. The reflection of the two side mirror in front of her haunted her, a beastly visage.
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Just a remainder of how she was going to be when she had forever forsaken her humanity.

As Rebecca regain conciousness the violence of the beast started to overwhelm her to the point of becoming the Beast and took a portentous will to get it back again, to calm herself. Eventually she managed to do so and realized she was not alone in this room

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