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Brian took Rebecca outside the interrogation room using the only door available. Outside she realize it was an underground compound built as a maze. Another room, just like the one she was in, with a video camera pointing at the double face mirror and several monitors, VCR and other electronics. There were two men, sitting in front of the controls just keeping the watch and recording everything.

Becca and her father passed by without even looking at them and went to the next door, where Brian used his ID Card to open and leave. There a hallway, white again, with ceiling flourecent lamps and many closed doors. He went straight down and turned left at the middle of it, there was another corridor, narrower and disguised by the optic illusion of everything being so white.

At the end another T shape corridor, and then.. another.. another until this found a tempered glass door, very thick and with two security cameras one pointing in angle and another directly. The glass was dark, Becca couldn't see through. Brian reach a box where lasers started to scan his hand and another made a retina recognition. The crystal went from pinch dark to totally transparent and the electromagnetic field released the door and opened on itself.

Then Rebecca found a big chamber, still underground. It was some sort of parking lot with different vehicles, most vans and other troop carriers. The roof was three or four floors high with several balconies leading to another entrances along the walls. There were many stair cases around the place from the basement to the first level balconies and many others to conect to higher levels.

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Brian went to a pickup truck dirty on its side and had a closed cabin. Using the remote he opened the vehicle and pick the door for Star to get in, locking the door behind her and moving to the driver's place. The rest was just driving around in an ascendent spiral road to another level we eight exits, Brian choosed one and leaved.

During this whole trip, from the interrogation room to the truck Rebecca's father sopke non stop. He was dreaming back about talking about their life together. The long nights watching the skies, the astronomy clases they got together, afternoons in the observatorium, hopeing some of that could come back at least once more. He was betting for the future with a sense of nostalgy.

Once they left the underground compound hardly seeing anyone at all, Rebecca found herself in Queens downtown. They got outside an alley and went directly to The Bronx by the I-678 using the Whitestone Bridge and then to the 278 until they finally got to The Bronx Zoo, also known as the Botanical Garden. The only place in New York where animals were free while humans where in cages.

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While in route Brian tried to prepared Rebecca for the upcoming events.
"My Dear I belong to the Gangrel Clan. We're heading to our most important haven, The Bronx Zoo where Aston, The Primogen, the most important and well conected vampire of the city is waiting to meet you. He was the one actually talking to The Prince and saving you from that dreadful destiny.

You're not expected to know our traditions, not to behave in a Camarilla way. Just be polite and be yourself. I'm sure he will ask you about a sensitive topic, our Gangrel Gate was mocked by the Sabbat and he would want how. Any information you may have on that subject, I advice you to tell him as soon as he asks. After the meeting is over he'll allow me to show you to your quarters, while you find a place on your own.

Do you have any questions?"

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